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The Garaventa Center seeks and deploys gifts from every academic discipline to help cultivate people’s eyes to see all that they are capable of seeing and their ears to hear all that is possible. That’s the job of a truly Catholic education! It’s our ambition that everyone who experiences an event we plan be touched by grace. The music of David Haas is sung in Christian churches all over the US, and to be able to share this evening with musicians and liturgists from throughout the region is a rare gift to be able to offer this bruised, blessed world.

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The Garaventa Center seeks to build community with campus and city partners by offering programs that celebrate grace, imagination and reason in surprising and riveting ways. The campaign will flourish via financial gifts of any size. Because all efforts will occur at UP, we can make every dollar stretch beyond its usual limits.

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We ask for $1000 to cover an honorarium for David Haas, and $750 for refreshments and $250 for hotel lodging and one meal. Because UP gave Mr. Haas an honorary doctorate in 2013, he is willing to perform for roughly 1/5 of his usual fee. This will also be part of a west coast tour, for which his music publisher is covering flight costs and food for Mr. Haas apart from the evening of the concert. If we fall short of the $2000 goal, our first priority will be to use whatever funds we do receive toward the modest honorarium David Haas has requested. The reception is an outreach that can be scaled down fairly easily to accommodate the funding we do have available in our unrestricted account.

Why are donations necessary?

We seek $2000 to enable us to provide a concert by internationally renowned liturgical composer and musician David Haas on February 28, 2019. Following the concert, which we expect to be heavily attended by Catholic and Lutheran sacred music lovers from all over the Portland and southwest Washington area, we will host a simple reception for all attendees. It’s always our policy to make Garaventa Center events free and open to the public, a practice we want to carry on with for this concert.